The National Institute for Health Research invites applications for its commissioned call on promoting independence in older people, under its public health research programme. This supports research evaluating the most effective interventions, which support or create the conditions for independence in the everyday lives of older people or disabled people, including people with impairments, who are disabled by barriers in society, of any age. Research may address the effectiveness of interventions outside the NHS in the following areas:

  • •effectiveness of community-based interventions or programmes of interventions that are designed to support independence in the populations of interest;
  • •successful scaling-up of community-based interventions, including across population groups.

Interventions delivered at scale should be prioritised. Effectiveness may be considered from the perspective of the person themselves, their family or carers or the provider of the initiative. Studies must take into account costs and benefits to all relevant sectors of society.

Researchers based in the UK may apply. Joint funding with other organisations is allowed.

Deadline – 14th November 2017

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