The National Institute for Health Research invites stage 1 primary research applications and full evidence synthesis applications for its researcher-led workstream, under the health services and delivery research programme. This supports research into the quality, effectiveness and accessibility of health services, including evaluations of how the NHS might improve delivery of services. The aim is to fund research that will lead to improvements in health services that will be of greatest benefit to the NHS and to patients. Applicants may submit either a standard outline proposal or an evidence synthesis full proposal. The workstream has a continued interest in the following research areas:

  • dementia;
  • surgical and implantable devices;
  • primary care interventions;
  • very rare diseases;
  • antimicrobial resistance;
  • long-term conditions in children;
  • applied research into mesothelioma;
  • multimorbidities in older people;
  • prevention and treatment of obesity.

Researchers based in the UK may apply. Successful projects are likely to involve multidisciplinary partnerships working between experienced academic teams and those involved in the delivery of services. Applicants must demonstrate involvement of all relevant stakeholders in the project.

NIHR will fund HEIs at a maximum of 80 per cent of full economic costs, except for equipment worth over £50,000, and non-HEIs at 100 per cent of full economic costs.

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