Four former unaccompanied child refugees from Eritrea, Afghanistan and Albania working your average shift in your average pizza shop take us on a journey across time and continents to show how extraordinary they are. Having told their stories to social workers and courts as part of their asylum claims, they are now reclaiming them.

From prisons in Libya and Greece, to conversations with absent mothers, to raising future sons, these lived experience actors share a stage with a former refugee caseworker to shine a light on masculinity and forced migration.

Powerful, funny, resistant, revealing. This is refugee theatre that rethinks victimhood.


Date: Friday 4th and Saturday 5th October

Location: HOME Theatre, Manchester, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, M15 4FN

Time: Friday 7pm, Saturday 2.15pm & 7pm

Tickets: £12.50 (standard) / £10.50 (concessions), £5 (student / jobseekers early bird) / £5 (refugees) Booking link:

With thanks to the University of Manchester Sanctuary team for sharing this news.