• Four Churches in One Day

    Four Churches in One Day

    Dominic has written this post about Year 1 Undergraduates’ recent visit to Leyland. You can follow his blog here: https://dominickidney.wordpress.com/  Today was a good opportunity to visit various churches in the Leyland area with the chance to speak to various pastors and priests. It has truly given me a deeper insight into similarities and differences of […]

  • Meeting Muslims

    Meeting Muslims

    Year 1 undergraduates study a module on Islam.  A key part of the course is to meet, talk with and learn from followers of the faith, to get a real life, contemporary understanding of what it means to be a Muslim in 21st Century Britain.   First up we met Yunus Chasma who is a […]

  • Experiencing Hajj in Frodsham

    Experiencing Hajj in Frodsham

    Paul Smalley and a small number of Year 1 Undergraduate RE students were recently invited to take part in the Cheshire West & Chester SACRE Primary Pupil conference.  This two-day event, funded by a generous grant from NASACRE and organised by Naomi Anstice, was held at the Forest Hills Hotel in Frodsham and brought together […]

  • #beyondtheordinary

    Beyond the Ordinary is a new campaign to find extraordinary individuals who have what it takes to train to become RE teachers. If you’re interested in training to teach RE you can look forward to healthy job prospects and as well as a bursary to help cover living costs while you train. Contact us at […]

  • Three Days in the Theatre of Learning

    Three Days in the Theatre of Learning

    Having spent two days with us last year, an old friend of Edge Hill, Sue Phillips, spent three days with us to showcase her approach to experiential learning: one day with secondary Undergraduates, one day with PGCE and one day with Primary students. Sue has developed the ‘Theatre of Learning’ pedagogy. This began with an […]

  • Teaching A Level at Deanery

    Teaching A Level at Deanery

    As a follow up to the inspirational day with Peter and Charlotte Vardy, Final Year Undergraduate students visited Deanery CofE High School and Sixth Form College in Wigan, to hear about the practicalities of teaching Post-16 students.  The day began with students observing a Lower Sixth Ethics lesson with Mr Michiels. He used a variety […]

  • Teaching A-level with the Vardys

    Teaching A-level with the Vardys

    We were delighted to recently welcome Charlotte and Peter Vardy to Edge Hill to spend a day with a postgraduate and third year undergraduate RE students and a small number of school based patrners, helping them think about how to teach RS to pupils in the sixth form. The day began with a discussion of […]

  • Two Temples in One Day

    Two Temples in One Day

    Part of our Year 3 undergraduate course is a module looking at two of the less popular Dharmic religions, Sikhism and Jainism.  as part of this we spent a day with the two communities in Manchester. Our first visit was to the Jain Samaj Temple.  Here we were able to see the community hall with […]

  • Understanding Karma

    Understanding Karma

    Year 1 undergraduates visited the Gujerati Hindu community in Preston as part of their module studying Hindu Dharma.  This visit gave the group opportunity to ask a practising Hindu about the philosophical aspects of Hindu Dharma, to have a tour around the temple and to practice meditation. Francesca blogged about the visit: In our small […]

  • Visiting Ganesh in Liverpool

    Visiting Ganesh in Liverpool

    As part of their Personal Professional Conduct (PPC) studies, Year 1 Undergraduate students were asked to visit somewhere that would benefit students learning within our occupation as a teacher of RE. Dominic blogged about his visit: A few fellow students from my ITT course joined me to visit the Ganesh Temple in Liverpool and experience […]