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Month: February 2012

Christian Question Time

Year 1 Undergraduates completed their History of Christian Thought and Culture Module with a Christian Question Time.  Three Christian Curches were represented by Tom Cullinan, (Benedictine Monk, formerly at Ampleforth and presently a priest within the Archdiocese of Liverpool), Melvyn Kelly, (Methodist Minister in the Lancashire West Circuit and a member of the Chaplaincy Service at Edge Hill) and Tony Harrington ( Core Leader of Today’s Community Church, Wigan) together with Isaac Olurankinse.  Jason took the Dimbleby role in chairing the discussion which was wide ranging and informative.

Questions included:

What do you believe happens after death?
Do you agree with gay marriage ceremonies in Church?
Do you think Jesus will return to earth?
Are men and women equal?
Do you think there are advantages or disadvantages to priests being celibate?
How do you explain the Trinity?
Can the rich get into heaven?
How damaging to the Christian Church are controversies such as the Child abuse scandals in the Catholic Priesthood.
Do miracles happen nowadays?
Is Christianity the only way?

The answers caused a lively debate and gave students a fascinating insight into the different theologies of individuals within these three different denominations.

Y11 RE day at Lathom High School

A small group of Year 2 Undergraduate RE students were invited along to Lathom High School in Skelmersdale to assist with their Y11 RE Day.  These outstanding students put their all into interacting and leading learning with groups of 10 Lathom students.

This is outstanding and I can’t thank you enough for this level of enthusiasm and commitment to making partnership work – really outstanding. Dean of Faculty of Education

The students acted as facilitators for the  Year 11 pupils as they worked through a series of Leadership ‘challenges’
The highlight of the day was being able to meet and hear the story of a former Irish terrorist leader who now is a leader in a Pentecostal Church in England. It would have been worth going just for this!!

We are absolutely delighted with all the backing we are receiving.  Thank you. Trevor Hodson AHT – Director of Learning Lathom High School

Y1 Undergraduates visit Christians in Leyland

As part of the module on the History of Christian Thought and Culture, Y1 students visited three Christian places of Worship in Leyland.

We talked with Pastor Tony Crawford of Leyland Baptist Church, before observing midweek Eucharist at St. James CE Church, Led by Rev’d Heather Penman.  After a discussion with Father Iain Mossley we moved on to the Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles with Deacon Dionysious.

The visit was very worthwhile and the students enjoyed the experience.

“I was surprised at the breadth of different styles of worship”

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Leyland Church Visits, a set on Flickr.

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