Weekend Getaways :)

Some Weekends in Ormskirk can get a little bit boring especially around this time when people are getting ready to go home, but living half an hour away from liverpool means you can jump on the train to liverpool central, stay in liverpool or ‘train’ set of to some where else.

This weekend I went to visit my brother in the capital and it only took two hours to get there – the speed of technology nowadays is awesome, especially as in a car it would take 3 and a half and walking 2 days and 19 hours (wouldn’t advise this).

Although Ormskirk sounds out of the way, it’s veryaccessible to everyone. Us students are even allowed to escape sometimes 🙂

Hope Your Good.



Hello, I am Rachel, I'm 19 and I come from the Isle of Man. I am currently studying Early Childhood Studies and I am in my second year. At the moment i'm not sure what i want to do after but I keep leaning towards social work. So who knows thats what I could be doing in a few years. xx
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