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This time of year, things start to slow down for me, I don’t have any assignments due for a while and I just have one more exam to do in May and that’s a while of yet. So boredom is starting to kick in especially as my friends are on placement and don’t have that much time to ‘come out and play’. However, Sporting Edge at the University have activities every night for students and members of the public to attend. For example, Zumba, Legs Bums and Tums, Handball or even plain ol’ Swimming. Theres loads of activities to do. So when you need something to do when you get here sign up to sporting edge during freshers week and you get to go to all the activites when your bored or just for a laugh. It is great fun.

For more information on what sporting edge does go to their website:

Chow for now.

Rachel 🙂


Hello, I am Rachel, I'm 19 and I come from the Isle of Man. I am currently studying Early Childhood Studies and I am in my second year. At the moment i'm not sure what i want to do after but I keep leaning towards social work. So who knows thats what I could be doing in a few years. xx
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