End of January already?

Since when did it become the 23rd of January already, Christmas was nearly a month ago.
The past couple of weeks have been very busy, with exams, trying to find new housemates, placement, volunteering and university starting again. It’s been hectic. That must be why I haven’t noticed time flying by.

Some people however, feel time is going to slowly, as they have to much time on their hands.

If this sounds like you, the best thing I can suggest is volunteering. It looks great on your CV and you get so many rewards from it. At the moment I volunteer in the YMCA Charity shop in the town centre of Ormskirk. They and many more charity shops are always looking for help. It might sound boring but it’s really not. You meet many different people all the time. Part of my placement is also working for Moorgate nursery, as a volunteer and activity helper.  This is a great experience to have.

Their are so many rewards from being a volunteer – Edge Hill even do a Student Employee and Volunteer awards. With a money prize at the end of it.

Volunteering or even part time work is a great way to make time pass and it is also a great experience.

For more information you can email: volunteer@edgehill.ac.uk

Hope your all well

Rachel 🙂


Hello, I am Rachel, I'm 19 and I come from the Isle of Man. I am currently studying Early Childhood Studies and I am in my second year. At the moment i'm not sure what i want to do after but I keep leaning towards social work. So who knows thats what I could be doing in a few years. xx
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