Transport in Ormskirk

Ormskirk is brilliant for transport. Ok so its maybe not as good as Manchester City Centre where if you were at University there, there are trams, frequent buses etc. but the disadvantages there would be the large commute just to get around the city whereas Ormskirk is easily walkable end to end. But yet Ormskirk has a train line, one side going to Preston one side to Liverpool, both of which have a huge range of lines running from them which makes getting anywhere, especially home when needs be, very easy. I live quite far away so I have a few changes to get but if you only lived close its brilliant.

It’s got its own bus station, (right next to the train station) of which I have only actually used to go to Southport and Wigan but both are much quicker than getting the train journey equivalent and much more direct.

There’re also several taxi companies, which are usually necessary if you have tripped out to Liverpool and stayed past the last train home which is at about 11:30pm.

And the University runs a shuttle bus service between the University Campus and the bus station in the centre which is ideal for those horrendously rainy days, getting to campus if you commute into Ormskirk by bus or train or getting shopping from town centre if you live on Campus.

So altogether, Ormskirk is rather good in terms of travel, which is good to know if you are at Uni here and don’t have a car to rely on…there are alternatives, and they are good.

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