Having an empty week.

Somehow, and I’m not sure how I managed it, I don’t seem to have done anything interesting in a while. Usually I have lectures, coursework, cheerleading, handball, and then all the other stuff that gets thrown into everyday life like cooking, cleaning, checking emails, searching for jobs etc. This past week however, I must have done those things but can’t remember the details. A lull I suppose it could be described as.

Not a fear though, next week it will all change I’m sure. I have exams coming up; I’m sure most have you have already finished your exams by now so I hope they all went brilliant! Sports are back to business as usual so I’ll finally feel less guilty for all the food I consumed over the holidays. Best of all University will become re-populated, it’s felt very empty for a while with everyone studying or being at home still. For those who have just got back, welcome back!

If you haven’t joined any societies and you still want to it’s never too late for most! Check out the screens in the HUB, I’ve seen a few being advertised, it’s always a great way to make new friends and share common interests.

I’m sorry I don’t have anything more to tell, it’s not been a very astonishing week for me! More exciting stories when I get some!

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