Get me back to my sports!

Now that I’ve had Christmas holidays off and been back at university a week, I feel slow and cumbersome. I need my sports clubs back! Cheerleading is the first to start back, and I can’t wait to get back into it!

The competition teams will be entering an ICC competition on March the 3rd which is fabulous, last year we only had 1 team to enter, now we have at least 3 so that’s a huge step forwards. The non-competition cheerleading squad will be starting again soon as well, fingers crossed for some good weather soon so we can go outside for performances and show off our routines!

Then there’s Handball. Oh how I love it, it’s got all the running around, the competitiveness and fun that I like in a sport. The people are lovely, the coaches amazing, I just wish it was on every night of the week (although my legs would object). Unfortunately Handball and Cheerleading timetables mean I can’t go to the Circus Society as it’s on the same night which is a huge shame.

Oh well, bring me back to my sports, I’ve had at least 3 weeks off now, and I need some exercise!

(If you want to know what sports societies are around campus visit the Edge Hill Student Union website: )

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