Almost 2012!

I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas! I know I have, plenty of eating, walks (getting cold and wet but feeling less guilty about the eating) and focusing all my attention on ignoring the uni work I should really be doing.

I know my last blog was a reminder to those who might want to be applying for graduate schemes; this one just has a quick reminder that quite a few summer internship type application deadlines are coming up in January, so don’t be caught out and left behind!

What’s on most people’s minds at the moment however will be the New Year, 2012! There will no doubt be a vast amount of New Year’s resolutions, most of which will be broken in a day, tops!

Very likely there will be eating. My family tend to redo the Christmas Dinner again…it’s too good only to have once a year!

And for many there will be drinking. Make sure you work out how you’re going to get home though if you’re going out on the town, taxi’s may all be booked up, it would be a shame to be stuck out in the cold with no transport!

Either way, have a splendid night tomorrow, and an excellent start to 2012!

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