What to do after graduation?

I’ve been so busy in this year’s run up to Christmas that I haven’t posted a blog in a while! I do apologise.

I have got one more lecture and then the Christmas holidays commence. But it’s not so much of a holiday this year. Being in my final year as I’m sure many of you are, I’m having to consider jobs and experience for when I graduate mid next year. It seems so long till then but most graduate scheme programmes have deadlines coming up right now! If you would like to do a graduate scheme and you haven’t applied already I would get looking right away, web search “graduate schemes”, and search on specific company websites to see if they offer graduate programmes or visit a student job/career website such as http://www.prospects.ac.uk/ to find more information.

If you don’t want to do a graduate scheme there are other things to do, I’m currently looking into internships or work experience for over the summer, hopefully leading into a job or just gaining valuable experience so I will be better equipped for a job in the areas I’m looking in. Mostly I have found very good information from random web searches and looking through job sites or volunteer sites or the organisations themselves.

Either way, if you haven’t started looking already now is the time!

For those in the year before graduating, it’s not too early for you to start looking for internships, quite a few of them are aimed at students for taking part in the summer before they graduate and if it’s something you do want to do, the earlier the better really!

Good luck to you all if you are like me and running around trying to get a job/internship or at least something productive sorted for after graduation.

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