Mock Interview!

As part of the Geo-Careers module for my course, yesterday I had a mock interview.

It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be, I thought there would be a lot of silences, coughing, me panicking and fidgeting, but mostly it was calm, light hearted and that helped me relax and talk better than I usually do in pressure situations.

I think I prepared ok, I could have done more but I had another assignment due the same day and it took my priority a bit more, however we had been doing similar tasks in the rest of the geo-careers module and I had just completed a mock CV for the same module so I had plenty of ideas about what to talk about. We got asked about 4 topics, I was asked about Organisation and Planning, Teamwork, IT/Presentations and Negotiation. In the lectures we have been told about the “STAR” framework and I did structure my planned answers as such, but I thought in the moment I would just forget them and say absolute rubbish. Quite the opposite! Well I maybe talked rubbish still but I did remember the STAR framework. It stands for





All in all I think the mock interview went ok, fingers crossed I didn’t go completely off topic!

The Careers centre in the SIC building is ideal for some help in job/careers/advice so if you do want to go along and ask for help do.

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