Condensated windows and frosty washing lines.

EEuugh, it’s back to that time of the year again! I don’t mind cold weather, I quite like the frost and the dark nights are a bit of a pain for travelling in but manageable. What I really don’t like is the freezing mornings where dragging yourself out of bed is literally the only option. I prefer getting somebody else to drag me out of bed, it provides a better chance of success than if I leave myself to do the dragging!

On a serious note, any of you in a poorly insulated house will now be finding outside walls getting damp, cold and often in many student houses I’ve seen, mouldy. It depends on each individual case, keeping outside walls in your rooms not covered with things helps, the warm inside air meeting that cold wall is one reason why the condensation occurs.

Leaving wet washing in your room is also not a brilliant idea. If you can find a windy day, even if it is cold, your clothes will probably dry outside so put them on the line if you have one! Otherwise maybe consider tumble drying them if you have a drier. If you don’t, how about using the ones on campus?

If you’re concerned about the cost of your heating bill because it seems like it gets switched on all the time, consider putting on a hoody before switching it on. Once you do switch it on, it’s not the best idea to cover up all the radiators with wet washing. It will take ages for your clothes to dry and your rooms won’t get heated well. It will also result in a very water vapour room…leading back to condensation and damp walls.

Keep warm and dry this winter chaps!

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