Fresher’s Fair 2011

2 years ago at this time, I was, like many others, packing all my things up ready to move into halls of residence on the welcome Sunday.

It was a hectic day. Collecting my key, finding my room, finding some parking (tricky when everyone descends on one campus on one day) and then dumping off all the bags and boxes in halls before spending the next few hours negotiating my way round all the different enrolment processes. By the end of it I’d already got on talking terms with several people, got a ridiculous photo on my uni card (It was a rushed morning, I wasn’t really ready for my appearance that morning to be immortalized!), and located several food places on campus. Win.

Fresher’s week itself was mainly getting to know loads of new people, and getting used to the layout of the Uni before it got serious when lectures started. The geography department had a few days out with the other first year’s which was grand to get to know a few people I would be in lectures with before being thrown in at the deep end!  And then there was fresher’s fair, where I signed up to about 17 clubs, got many a free gadget, and ended up getting quite a lot of food from random stalls and the shop.

The fair last year was a bit more chilled out. I didn’t sign up to as many crazy and adventurous clubs, and I was on a stall for most of the day, advertising the Cheerleading Society. It was nice knowing other people on other stalls too.

This year, I’ll be back on the Cheerleading society stall, but the venue will be the new and sparkly HUB. I haven’t yet been into the new structure, but if it can house all the societies stalls it will be beyond brilliant!

Bring on Fresher’s week I say…and I’m sure I’ll be able to sign up for a few more societies this year like the past 2!

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