What gets you a cup of tea and a biscuit that doesn’t cost you any money?

Giving Blood!

Just gave blood the other day, went to Liverpool for it though, although there is a mobile blood donor session that comes to Ormskirk every few months. I have been to that one before, it’s very simple if you book a time to donate, but plenty of people I saw just turned up on the day and they got seen very quick as well. Very busy though so make sure you’ve got enough time if you go to a drop in there!

The donor centre in Liverpool is very easy to get to, just the train from Ormskirk down to Moorfields and just round the corner from the station!

If you are thinking of giving blood then visit the website, there’s plenty of information on there. http://www.blood.co.uk/

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Transport in Ormskirk

Ormskirk is brilliant for transport. Ok so its maybe not as good as Manchester City Centre where if you were at University there, there are trams, frequent buses etc. but the disadvantages there would be the large commute just to get around the city whereas Ormskirk is easily walkable end to end. But yet Ormskirk has a train line, one side going to Preston one side to Liverpool, both of which have a huge range of lines running from them which makes getting anywhere, especially home when needs be, very easy. I live quite far away so I have a few changes to get but if you only lived close its brilliant.

It’s got its own bus station, (right next to the train station) of which I have only actually used to go to Southport and Wigan but both are much quicker than getting the train journey equivalent and much more direct.

There’re also several taxi companies, which are usually necessary if you have tripped out to Liverpool and stayed past the last train home which is at about 11:30pm.

And the University runs a shuttle bus service between the University Campus and the bus station in the centre which is ideal for those horrendously rainy days, getting to campus if you commute into Ormskirk by bus or train or getting shopping from town centre if you live on Campus.

So altogether, Ormskirk is rather good in terms of travel, which is good to know if you are at Uni here and don’t have a car to rely on…there are alternatives, and they are good.

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Having an empty week.

Somehow, and I’m not sure how I managed it, I don’t seem to have done anything interesting in a while. Usually I have lectures, coursework, cheerleading, handball, and then all the other stuff that gets thrown into everyday life like cooking, cleaning, checking emails, searching for jobs etc. This past week however, I must have done those things but can’t remember the details. A lull I suppose it could be described as.

Not a fear though, next week it will all change I’m sure. I have exams coming up; I’m sure most have you have already finished your exams by now so I hope they all went brilliant! Sports are back to business as usual so I’ll finally feel less guilty for all the food I consumed over the holidays. Best of all University will become re-populated, it’s felt very empty for a while with everyone studying or being at home still. For those who have just got back, welcome back!

If you haven’t joined any societies and you still want to it’s never too late for most! Check out the screens in the HUB, I’ve seen a few being advertised, it’s always a great way to make new friends and share common interests.

I’m sorry I don’t have anything more to tell, it’s not been a very astonishing week for me! More exciting stories when I get some!

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Get me back to my sports!

Now that I’ve had Christmas holidays off and been back at university a week, I feel slow and cumbersome. I need my sports clubs back! Cheerleading is the first to start back, and I can’t wait to get back into it!

The competition teams will be entering an ICC competition on March the 3rd which is fabulous, last year we only had 1 team to enter, now we have at least 3 so that’s a huge step forwards. The non-competition cheerleading squad will be starting again soon as well, fingers crossed for some good weather soon so we can go outside for performances and show off our routines!

Then there’s Handball. Oh how I love it, it’s got all the running around, the competitiveness and fun that I like in a sport. The people are lovely, the coaches amazing, I just wish it was on every night of the week (although my legs would object). Unfortunately Handball and Cheerleading timetables mean I can’t go to the Circus Society as it’s on the same night which is a huge shame.

Oh well, bring me back to my sports, I’ve had at least 3 weeks off now, and I need some exercise!

(If you want to know what sports societies are around campus visit the Edge Hill Student Union website: http://www.edgehillsu.org.uk/ )

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Almost 2012!

I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas! I know I have, plenty of eating, walks (getting cold and wet but feeling less guilty about the eating) and focusing all my attention on ignoring the uni work I should really be doing.

I know my last blog was a reminder to those who might want to be applying for graduate schemes; this one just has a quick reminder that quite a few summer internship type application deadlines are coming up in January, so don’t be caught out and left behind!

What’s on most people’s minds at the moment however will be the New Year, 2012! There will no doubt be a vast amount of New Year’s resolutions, most of which will be broken in a day, tops!

Very likely there will be eating. My family tend to redo the Christmas Dinner again…it’s too good only to have once a year!

And for many there will be drinking. Make sure you work out how you’re going to get home though if you’re going out on the town, taxi’s may all be booked up, it would be a shame to be stuck out in the cold with no transport!

Either way, have a splendid night tomorrow, and an excellent start to 2012!

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Essentials for your student house!

Before you move into a house, most importantly when you move into a student house, it will most often be in September. It will be still quite warm, not too much rain usually, and workload won’t be huge as you will just be starting a new year of university.


  • No loft insulation. In my house we just recently discovered our loft insulation was about the thickness of a one layer Victoria sponge. Insulation that thin has a very rubbish heat-keeping-in ability as you would expect. ASK YOUR POTENTIAL LANDLORD WHAT THE INSULATION SITUATION IS…it will make a huge difference; you could wake up in a freezer as it starts getting into December if you’re not lucky.


  • Mould/damp/mildew. You wouldn’t believe the amount of houses students can end up living in that have these grim features on the walls. Once the mould is there it’s very hard to get rid of, it’s just seems a reoccurring feature once it’s there. Leaving damp clothes and not opening your windows every so often won’t help the situation but neither does not doing that get rid of the mould either. It’s not pleasant, it can damage your personal items such as bags, clothes, shoes, anything really so GET IT CHECKED OUT!


  • Drying clothes. When you move in and the weathers OK you can dry clothes outside. Come winter when it’s damp for weeks on end or void of wind, you will need somewhere to be able to dry your clothes other than radiators (it takes ages, prevents your house heating, increases the chance of damp in your rooms etc). If you don’t have a tumble drier or you do but it is inefficient at the whole “clothes drying” thing, you might get a bit stuck for the dry clothes. GET THE LOW-DOWN ON THE WASHER/DRIER FACILITIES IN ANY HOUSE YOUR MOVING IN BEFORE YOU MOVE IN!!!


  • Kitchen Facilities. Does the landlord/lady provide a microwave? Kettle? Toaster? Grill tray for the grill? Recycling and waste bins? Fire safety equipment? FIND OUT! If they don’t and you want them talk to the owner!


  • Bedroom furniture. Make sure you know what is included in your room. Often people bring their own stuff so when you go look around a house and the room you would like has a bookcase, drawers, bin, couch, double bed etc, ask whether that’s what is included in the rent or whether that’s what the previous tenant had brought. It will be disappointing if you move in and then realise half the furniture was the last tenants and they’ve taken it all with them!


If you leave it to the week you move in to sort these things out, you will miss out on living in a house your happy with and will decrease the chance of it being able to be changed.

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What to do after graduation?

I’ve been so busy in this year’s run up to Christmas that I haven’t posted a blog in a while! I do apologise.

I have got one more lecture and then the Christmas holidays commence. But it’s not so much of a holiday this year. Being in my final year as I’m sure many of you are, I’m having to consider jobs and experience for when I graduate mid next year. It seems so long till then but most graduate scheme programmes have deadlines coming up right now! If you would like to do a graduate scheme and you haven’t applied already I would get looking right away, web search “graduate schemes”, and search on specific company websites to see if they offer graduate programmes or visit a student job/career website such as http://www.prospects.ac.uk/ to find more information.

If you don’t want to do a graduate scheme there are other things to do, I’m currently looking into internships or work experience for over the summer, hopefully leading into a job or just gaining valuable experience so I will be better equipped for a job in the areas I’m looking in. Mostly I have found very good information from random web searches and looking through job sites or volunteer sites or the organisations themselves.

Either way, if you haven’t started looking already now is the time!

For those in the year before graduating, it’s not too early for you to start looking for internships, quite a few of them are aimed at students for taking part in the summer before they graduate and if it’s something you do want to do, the earlier the better really!

Good luck to you all if you are like me and running around trying to get a job/internship or at least something productive sorted for after graduation.

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Bag Packing Cheerios


Last week you may have seen in Morrisons, quite a few cheerleaders packing your bags!

Fundraising is an important part of our team, equipment such as poms, uniforms for all teams and transport to and from competitions is expensive not to mention the entry into the competitions!

Not only did we raise a fair bit to go towards these costs, the bag packing team managed to raise £254 for Save the Children charity http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/

Unfortunately there were no photos. I couldn’t be there on the day being on a fieldtrip but it was a great day and a huge success!

Thank you to all who donated, it went towards 2 very grateful courses.

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Ormskirk Christmas Light Switch On!

You know Christmas time is finally upon us when the Coca-Cola advert comes on TV. That’s usually the second sign; supermarkets usually get on the festive merchandise as soon as Halloween is over!

The dark nights and twinkly lights on the streets definitely get most into the winter spirit though, and tomorrow, Friday 25th November 2011 the Christmas lights in Ormskirk will be switched on by the Mayor of West Lancashire, Councillor Rob Bailey and the winner of the Ormskirk Advertiser competition.

Set to be a good night, the festivities start at 4:30pm at the clock tower in the centre of Ormskirk. The whole event is free so it’s a student’s heaven!

There’s 80’s group Black Lace performing, along with Robbie Williams tribute act, juggling and balloon modelling by Steve McGinnigle, Base Dance troupe and vocal artist Megan Owen.

At 6:00pm the carols will commence then just before 6:30pm the town crier will lead the countdown ending with the Christmas light switch on!

So it should be a fun and busy night! Visit http://www.westlancs.gov.uk/council__democracy/news_and_publications/this_months_news/christmas_spirit_in_ormskirk.aspx for more information!

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Mock Interview!

As part of the Geo-Careers module for my course, yesterday I had a mock interview.

It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be, I thought there would be a lot of silences, coughing, me panicking and fidgeting, but mostly it was calm, light hearted and that helped me relax and talk better than I usually do in pressure situations.

I think I prepared ok, I could have done more but I had another assignment due the same day and it took my priority a bit more, however we had been doing similar tasks in the rest of the geo-careers module and I had just completed a mock CV for the same module so I had plenty of ideas about what to talk about. We got asked about 4 topics, I was asked about Organisation and Planning, Teamwork, IT/Presentations and Negotiation. In the lectures we have been told about the “STAR” framework and I did structure my planned answers as such, but I thought in the moment I would just forget them and say absolute rubbish. Quite the opposite! Well I maybe talked rubbish still but I did remember the STAR framework. It stands for





All in all I think the mock interview went ok, fingers crossed I didn’t go completely off topic!

The Careers centre in the SIC building is ideal for some help in job/careers/advice so if you do want to go along and ask for help do.

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