RE and secular sacred


The Early Years students explored a selection of toolkit ideas to explore PSED and RE with young children. One was to explore the Jewish Passover plate with children and discuss the exodus/Passover  story. We also linked it to cultural stories such as the Willow Pattern plate.To begin to understand that both plates aren’t simply cultural story plates but mean more to the people who have faith in that religion or culture, the students created their own story plates but also a class plate. This plate eventually became special and in a way ‘sacred’ to the group because each student had made their mark on it and so it no longer was a plate but it became an ‘evocative object’ (Sheryl Turkle 2012) because the people had attached significance to the object it represented something more than a plate. It became memories of university, friends and experiences. Here are the plates – try it with young children.


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  1. Leanne Philpott says:

    Hi Maggie,

    I love this activity! It would be great as a classroom keepsake to use on different occasions with children.


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