PED1012 Primary History Workshop

graphics-romans-377672Next week sees the start of the first year undergraduate foundation subjects module, PED1012. A launch event, next Wednesday, is followed by a series of workshop activities for each of the foundation subjects.

PED1012 is a crucial module for our undergrads, as this sets out the importance of the foundation subjects in the context of a busy Primary School. Not only that, the importance, character and unique aspects of each subject are identified and explored through our sessions and seminars.

Perhaps I’m biased, but History is an essential subject, not only for Primary School aged children to engage with, but also, for well rounded, balanced people of any age, it is of great significance. An interest in the past, in who we are and where we have come from, is a natural instinct. This is an interest that should be nurtured, encouraged and explored throughout our lives and throughout our learning.

Of course, our History sessions focus on more than that and our starting point is going to be the workshop on Wednesday.

Further reading (a good starting point)

Chapter 1 of Hoodless, P. (2008) Teaching History in Primary Schools. Learning Matters. Exeter.

This is available in the Library.

Look at the EHU Primary History Blog

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