New National Music Curriculum

The new national curriculum for music comes into force in September, 2014. Of course, music is what it is – singing, performing, composing and improvising, listening. These are the key musical processes that we promote in music teaching. Any curriculum which didn’t promote all of these would be rather dry, and would not be fit for purpose.

Planning for progression in music, assessing children’s music making, and planning in opportunities for assessment can be quite tricky. In the attached document Daubney and Faultley show what progression might look like in each of the four processes I mentioned above. They also show how you might approach assessment – the key things to look out for – and also, how assessment can inform future planning and musical activity.

This is a really helpful booklet, and will support you as you design your own units of work.

It can be access by clicking on this link:

ISM_The National Curriculum for Music@3

Daubney, A. and Faultley, M. (2014) The National Curriculum for Music: An assessment and progression framework. London: ISM

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