getting started with pomo thoughts!

hello everybody
reading kurt’s very short blog (more of facebook) i feel perhaps many of you are still confused about the subject. we thought we would not give you any authoritative definition of postmodernity as that would defeat the whole spirit of the subject. however, i am confident within couple of weeks once you have managed to read some introductory literature on the subject (including the two short papers circulated by claire) you should be able to get a direction.
i wanted to know what you thought about the short documentary on the 1960s french cult movie ‘breatless’ by Goddard which is termed by some critics as one of the first kind of postmodern films. i shall explain more of postmodern films later in the course but for the time being do try to concentrate on the korean artists site introduced by claire so that we could discuss your views in our next class.
i am finding it difficult to upload our module booklet in this blog, however if i can’t do it by tomorrow i shall post it to m drive. meanwhile i would very much like you all to write longer pieces for this blog but do try to focus more on what you think postmodernity entails? Also norrow your focus on the three themes of this module– culture, space and technology– their linkages. last year i published an article entitled ‘whose culture, what space and which technology’ relating to two cultural heritage sites in two very different countries. once i learnt the technology to upload documents and if you are keen i shall do so. meanwhile you feel free to insert/udpate all kinds of documents, video clips etc to explore the subject.
best wishes and good luck with your free unihibited views on this exclusive blog! ca va?

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