Starting to blog…

This is space where we hope to share reflections on some of the ideas from lectures and seminars related to Space, Culture and Technology. Importantly this blog makes use of technology to create an additional space for us to think about some of the readings relevant to the module. These readings will take different forms. The first I’m going to suggest is a reading of a website. Is reading the right word for how we make sense of a website?

This link will take you to the official website for Nam June Paik an artist who was influential in developing video based technologies in his work. This offers you an introduction to his work which will be useful as Taz and I have planned a field trip which will include a visit to the Nam June Paik exhibition at Liverpool Tate in March.

When you look at the work it would be useful to think about how technology has been used and how culture and space are reflected and represented.

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