Social media security…much ado about nothing?

Its been quite a while for me after numerous busy schedules here at Edge Hill University. I have finally been able to finish all my coursework and write my only examination a couple of weeks back.

This was followed by collecting my primary research data needed to begin writing my disseration and its been one long audiuos journey so far. The good thing is the bright warm sunny weather is here, and i don’t need to worry about the cold weather but wake up to each brisk sunny day as summer season is here!

Most of my friends on campus will be travelling for the summer, but i do have loads to make up for before i can finally take a break. I wish i could travel back home for a few weeks but not just yet i must say. Edge Hill University has really been a wonderful experience and much of my career expertise and communication skills have improved over the months as its draws closer each passing day.

My research discusses taking a closer look at the critical security issues people face using social networking sites. I have had countless interviews with social network bloggers and internet issuers these past few weeks and there are serious concerns with what people share and who they share them with on social networks. It really is a concern in the fast growing world of social media and networking especially between the youth who make up for a large amount of the social networking world. Its basically about being careful and aware of implications of making basic information available to millions of people we do not know or may not trust having access to these details and how to mitigate such risks.

Once i am done with my analysis, i would be able to being the 20,000 word essay on the issue and then propose resolutions to these concerns. In the  end, i hope it brings people to the consciousness and awareness that security is not just a technical issue but also about personality of social media users and security policies that put a check to what people do online.

Whatever we choose to do or not to do, technology will keep changing in a way to bring people closer together in the internet world and users need to be in constant awareness of the security implications from using a credit card online to posting something as simple as a photo online. The probability or likelihood may be low but the severity is indeed high considering the fact that user’s information are available in the name of being social to millions of other social network users at what price?

Taking your mind of the threats, i rather take a walk to the Coronation Park in Ormskirk, sit by the lake and have chat in the sunshine with some beers,that is social and less risky…haha!


Jobs at Edge Hill

Hi all,

Its been a while since the Easter break and glad to be back! Its good to see the campus alive again as my mates are back getting school work sorted and preparing for exams coming up early next month.

Well, i will like to share my experience working here at Edge Hill University.  The University post jobs from time to time through the career center for students willing to take on casual jobs and permanent jobs within and outside the University. The is always something for someone to do if you are wiling to work and  make some extra money while studying here.

I got two jobs here at Edge Hill University.Working for the the Corporate Communications department as a student data assistant and also for the Admissions department as a tour guide once every week. Working a few hours every week has really helped me a lot here not just to make some pocket money but also giving me the sense of responsibility and social interaction meeting new people and working with them.

It also has helped adding to my work experience by adding value to my CV as a student hoping to get a better job once i am through studying here. Edge Hill has created a platform for students like myself  here to express our potentials and i am more than glad for the opportunity offered. The University organises career fairs every month where you have corporate organisations and voluntary organisation come in to showcase job offers for students. Most students have had the opprotunity to get jobs and contribute positively to the society more or less keeping students out of trouble.If you looking to study and also work, Edge Hill University really is the place that provides such balance.

Its been more of a busy time at this point for me getting my dissertation started. Projects timeline shaped out for the whole semester with loads of work to do. The  weather this spring has been fantastic sets the right atmosphere for a new season here at Edge Hill.

In whatever you do,remember to work hard and play hard. Its the perfect balance!

Until soon



Term ends as clock moves forward this weekend.

Hi all,

Its been a journey through the new year up to this point at Edge Hill University and am sure we all need a break. Easter is just around the corner and the weather has been in almost perfect conditions as the clock springs forward this weekend. Fair enough in 3 weeks time, we will be back again with studying routines and building our blocks of life academically and for some, professionally.

I feel the 3 weeks will roll by quite fast. Seeing i have loads of coursework deadlines to meet and my research to begin with. I would be working on preparing a pilot questionnaire needed to gather primary data for my dissertation and interviewing my first set of respondents on the impact of social networking sites on user privacy in relation to information security. That will be up for some discussion another day and i really would like to tell you more about my research and perhaps read some comments for the first time since writing my blogs. I will need you to drop a line or two!

Edge Hill University has helped me discover my potentials and i see achivements in all goals i set before me. The grades have been coming from my modules and i must say, i am getting very good ones. Not just getting the grades are enough here, but having the satisfaction of qualitative education beyond my widest imagination. I don’t feel under  pressure despite the loads of coursework and tasks i have to do. I have never felt learning could be so comfortable until i got here. Edge Hill University has indeed given me that real opportunity to be a better individual and my learning abilities have improved tremendously.

I would like my mates to share their thoughts by posting their comments on my blog, perhaps you agree that despite the non roller coaster journey studying here, the impact has been effective. I really would like to know your views.

On a final note, i hope to get my work done just in time before term resumes so i could take a trip out of Merseyside. Its been 6 months now and how time flies! I rather go up north or down south the country, depends on the atmosphere this Easter and do some shopping as well. Most of my friends here will be away for the break and perhaps its an ideal time to meet new friends and share the joy of Easter with.

I will like to wish you all Happy Easter celebrations with love and passion from Jesus Christ. Don’t forget to set your clocks 1 hour forward this Sunday the 25th at 1:00 am!









My birthday at Edge Hill

Its been a while i celebrated my birthday in a learning environment and that was during my undergraduate days at Olabisi Onabanjo University in my home country Nigeria. This year was different. In a different school, thousands of kilometres from home.

I had been looking forward to the 8th of March, my birthday.It was on a Thursday and was glad it was not a busy day for me as i was excited to celebrate with the multicultural group of friends i had made during my short time here at Edge Hill University. The venue was at my cluster,Ash Hall in Forest Court. The party will be held in my kitchen which is big enough to have at least 20 people in it comfortably and a dinner table for 6 persons.

My day had started with loads of messages on my blackberry phone, Twitter followers and also Facebook friends, then it was followed by phone calls from my family and loved ones here in England and Nigeria. I really felt so loved and appreciated but little did i know there was more to come from my friends here at Edge Hill.

I had gone shopping in the morning of that fateful day, to get all that will be needed to have a very cool house party. All that was needed to eat and drink was ready and some of my friends turned up a bit earlier to help out making spicy pepper soup, chicken roast and ofcourse surprise me with adorable gifts.

The party started at exactly 7pm. My friends at Edge Hill from Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, China, India, United States of America and United Kingdom started coming in their numbers with gifts and drinks, it was packed full! The music was on and we all had a swell time. I felt so loved on this day and really they made it a day to remember as we partied and danced into the night. It was nice to see them dance to some Nigeria vibes too and it shows what studying in a muticultural University could bring irrespective of our background, we were one big happy family that evening.

Most of them were getting to know each other for the first time, others got to know each other better.I never wanted the party to end, but we were all exhausted and I was left with sweet reflections, hugs, kisses and memories of a wonderful celebration. One of the best i have had in recent years i must confess.

Just want to say a big thank you to all my friends here at Edge Hill. I love you all!




In knowledge there is opportunity

Hi all,

My busy week continued with preparations for my computer forensic practical. I had attended a guest lecture last week by Dr. Rita Esen, a Nigerian expert in computer forensics and UK legislation. She was able to highlight in her presentation and discuss at great length all necessary steps to be taken when conducting a computer based forensic investigation as an expert which would be presented in a court of law.

I had been briefed on the crime scenario i needed to investigate and wasted no time to get to the scene. An alleged perpetrator, a staff of the University, who has been under observation for buying and selling of academic essays and the distribution of digital music which is in breach to the Academic Acceptable Use policy and the violation of the ethical code of conduct for academic staff of the University. The staff had denied any wrong doing but the IT services department had indicated that web history on the subject’s PC indicated a crime could have been committed and needed the help of an investigator to recover such evidence.

The stage was set for the big day. The staff office had been sealed off with police tapes and secured to avoid contamination of any evidence that could be recovered at the crime scene. I had obtained a search warrant to enable me conduct the investigation and seize all related evidence i could find at the scene once i arrived. This is one of the most important steps in conducting any  forensic investigation. The evidence to be recovered will then be analysed to prove the case as a criminal matter and subsequently taken before a court of law which will be conducted by an academic panel.

I was tensed but yet needed to act professionally. It was something i had seen in the movies and my favorite crime and investigation network channel but right there i was conducting the search myself. I had brought in a digital camera to take pictures and sketch the crime scene given only half an hour to conduct, collect and seize all evidence i could find.

My computer forensic tutor, Susan, was present at the scene as well. She was documenting and recording on camera my forensic evidence gathering as i carefully collected all evidence i thought necessary could help with the investigation  before transporting them to the crime laboratory. I had my forensic tool kit intact and collected all evidence in sealed evidence bags, labelled correctly before my time ran out eventually.

In the end i was quite satisfied with all evidence i had gathered. They will be taken to the lab next week and carefully analysed to find out if a case could be established and brought before an internal panel which may be sent to trial in a court of law.

I also took the chance to smile for the camera on a successful day in building my career here at Edge Hill University. Whatever the outcome of my investigation would be, i am certain i had learned something valuable only a University like this could offer with such an opportunity to excel.

Just like the University motto written in Latin “In Scientia Opportunitas”  which simply translates  “In Knowledge there is Opportunity”.




Success is a Science

Hi all,

I feel these past few weeks have been the busiest of my entire life! Lots of coursework and assignment deadlines to meet and i have simply  been glued to a library desk all week.Studying at Edge Hill University is not a walk in the park. If you must succeed here, you have to work hard and engage more on private studying. A Masters programme in Information Security and IT Management, which i am currently studying at the moment, requires a lot of hard work and determination.Something out of the ordinary to show your ability and understanding on the subject with modules in Computer Forensics, Research Methods and Project Management.

Well right now, i am preparing for a practical session in Computer Forensics for next week. I will be investigating a computer crime scenario setup at the University to gather computer based evidence that will be analysed at the crime lab and presented in a law court. Doing this will require a great deal of knowledge in computer forensic guidelines put into practice and existing UK laws on electronic investigations. A lot is at stake i must say.

On the other hand i feel over the months, i have been able to build my confidence and academic excellence through the problem based learning approach used by the tutors here at Edge Hill University. You will not be spoon fed, but will be given adequate guidelines  to do your research and show great understanding on the subject. You simply have to know it for yourself! This has really developed my reading interest and quest to explore beyond my initial capability.

Belief  in oneself, they say,is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture.Edge Hill University has helped bolster the belief in myself and after my study here, i am certain the sky is the limit in my professional career. I am constantly reminded the words of Abraham Lincoln “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other”. Therefore if i must succeed,I have to create a perfect balance between diligent study and recreation.

The weather has been warm all week. I hope it stays the same next weekend according to the weather man. It will be nice to spend time near the tides in Southport like i have always wanted. I will keep you all posted on my investigation outcome and perhaps my trip to the seaside.

Until then,remember success is a science;if you meet the conditions, you will get the results.










In love with this town!

Hi all!

Its been a while i wrote on my blog. I have been pretty busy with school work and deadlines to meet as my academic work has increased lately. Nonetheless,I still fancied a trip off to a town by the seaside i fell in love with as i arrived at this seaside town of Southport.

I had arrived to this beautifully planned town with lots of Victorian architecture about 35 minutes from Ormskirk by bus. I had an interview and was running late. Held up in the cold and light traffic due to a road construction and frequent stops by the driver picking up passengers on the way as the decked bus dragged along.I was getting discouraged and wondered if it will be a pretty journey on this cold, busy Wednesday morning or taking the train would have been much better. Little did I know what to expect as the bus manuevered across the farmlands from Ormskirk through the narrow road to Southport.

Once i alighted from the bus, I fell in love with it. A town by the Irish sea,windy with lots of trees, hotels and old Victorian buildings, i embraced it. The Scarisbrick hotel is a masterpiece and also the Hesketh park is a beauty. I have always loved being close to the sea and almost every week back home in Nigeria, i was close to the Atlantic and knowing there is a beach in Southport with loads of resorts…i am thrilled.

I have spoken to a few locals who told me about some lovely spots i should visit before i leave the town and why not? Southport zoo,Pleasureland amusement park will be a brilliant idea next month as there are loads of fun to look forward to during the Easter break but really the beach is where i would love the most. Close to the sea where i feel much peace especially during summer. I had wanted to take a trip round the city  after my appointment but it was impromptu, I did not have my camera and really had class to catch up with later in the day. Really, i did not feel like leaving , a cup of coffee was not that bad at the city centre just to feel the air and buy sometime before the bus takes me back to Ormskirk.

I will be back i said to myself and this time it will be to catch all the fun to unwind after a busy week at school. Not to forget telling you all about my next visit there and perhaps you should visit just before i write again.






Big party in little China

myself on the right with friend

Nothing amazes me more than the multi cultural diversity here at Edgehill University. It was simply fun at the Chinese new year themed “year of the dragon”. Scary huh? Well no! I was made to understand by my Chinese mates that the”Dragon” is a legendary creature in Asian folklore.Unlike the European dragon which had wings and assumed to be evil, the Chinese dragon, more of a serpentine creature represents fame, honour and imperial power within the Asian community.

The event was colourful and organised by the Centre for International Education at Edge Hill on behalf of the Chinese society.The venue was at the Sages in the Hub. I was there to learn about a new culture and know what it feels like having a new year celebration in late January. Although i was a bit late to the event, i did not miss the best part of it. I was greeted with warm smiles by my Chinese friends who wrote my name in Chinese calligraphy using blank ink on red paper. The paper still hangs on the wall of my room as I am yet to know if I sticked it upside down with no clue.

The atmosphere was fascinating  and the choreography session by the Asians awesome. Not to forget the food and tea to go down with! Finally we had photo sessions as i took a bow learning how to say goodbye on one of the most fascinating events i have attended in a while. The memories still linger which i will hold on to through the year of the dragon. A year predicted to be of good fortune and prosperity. Maybe this will be a good reason to visit China someday for me…who knows?