About Me

“The UK has a wide range of universities that are ranked among the best in the world, so it was the obvious place for me to come and study. The quality of education in the UK is one of the best anywhere, the standard is high, the universities are world class and the environment is conducive to learning.

Edge Hill is one of the few places in the UK that offers the MSc in Information Security and IT Management and, among the universities that I applied to, they provided the best feedback, response and encouragement, which was all the convincing I needed to come here. I also read quite a lot about the school in which I’d be studying and spoke to other Nigerians who had studied here, and their feedback was excellent. Since I’ve been here, I’ve found that, from the facilities on offer to the tutors who teach us, everything is of the highest standard.

Another really good feature is the support we are given, both from the academic and non-academic staff. They provide prompt feedback to enquiries, offer quality lecture programmes and at any time of ay they are always willing to respond as soon as possible, which is really helpful.

The main difference between studying in the UK and back in Nigeria is simply the quality and standard of education here. Whether it’s an environment conducive to rewarding study, well-equipped libraries or well-trained staff, the UK has it all and the difference is clear. The interaction between students from lots of different backgrounds is also another feature that’s noticeable.

I suppose that relates to one of my favourite things about life in the UK: the culture of the English people, their hospitality and friendliness. Whenever you are in any doubt they are always willing to make things clearer to you and help you out, they are very polite and always want to make you feel at home. When you are a long way from family and miss things like home cooking, that can definitely make a big difference.

I’m hoping to complete my course, then go on to be successful in my career and be the best I can as an IT professional. I want to use the knowledge and experience that I’ve acquired to inspire others to greatness, to contribute positively to my society and the world at large, wherever I may find myself.

To any other international students considering Edge Hill I’d say to expect quality education in a well-equipped environment and be prepared to work hard. The standard here is so high that you can be assured you will get value for money and it will all prove worth it in the end.”