Social media security…much ado about nothing?

Its been quite a while for me after numerous busy schedules here at Edge Hill University. I have finally been able to finish all my coursework and write my only examination a couple of weeks back.

This was followed by collecting my primary research data needed to begin writing my disseration and its been one long audiuos journey so far. The good thing is the bright warm sunny weather is here, and i don’t need to worry about the cold weather but wake up to each brisk sunny day as summer season is here!

Most of my friends on campus will be travelling for the summer, but i do have loads to make up for before i can finally take a break. I wish i could travel back home for a few weeks but not just yet i must say. Edge Hill University has really been a wonderful experience and much of my career expertise and communication skills have improved over the months as its draws closer each passing day.

My research discusses taking a closer look at the critical security issues people face using social networking sites. I have had countless interviews with social network bloggers and internet issuers these past few weeks and there are serious concerns with what people share and who they share them with on social networks. It really is a concern in the fast growing world of social media and networking especially between the youth who make up for a large amount of the social networking world. Its basically about being careful and aware of implications of making basic information available to millions of people we do not know or may not trust having access to these details and how to mitigate such risks.

Once i am done with my analysis, i would be able to being the 20,000 word essay on the issue and then propose resolutions to these concerns. In the  end, i hope it brings people to the consciousness and awareness that security is not just a technical issue but also about personality of social media users and security policies that put a check to what people do online.

Whatever we choose to do or not to do, technology will keep changing in a way to bring people closer together in the internet world and users need to be in constant awareness of the security implications from using a credit card online to posting something as simple as a photo online. The probability or likelihood may be low but the severity is indeed high considering the fact that user’s information are available in the name of being social to millions of other social network users at what price?

Taking your mind of the threats, i rather take a walk to the Coronation Park in Ormskirk, sit by the lake and have chat in the sunshine with some beers,that is social and less risky…haha!


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