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Hi all,

Its been a while since the Easter break and glad to be back! Its good to see the campus alive again as my mates are back getting school work sorted and preparing for exams coming up early next month.

Well, i will like to share my experience working here at Edge Hill University.  The University post jobs from time to time through the career center for students willing to take on casual jobs and permanent jobs within and outside the University. The is always something for someone to do if you are wiling to work and  make some extra money while studying here.

I got two jobs here at Edge Hill University.Working for the the Corporate Communications department as a student data assistant and also for the Admissions department as a tour guide once every week. Working a few hours every week has really helped me a lot here not just to make some pocket money but also giving me the sense of responsibility and social interaction meeting new people and working with them.

It also has helped adding to my work experience by adding value to my CV as a student hoping to get a better job once i am through studying here. Edge Hill has created a platform for students like myself  here to express our potentials and i am more than glad for the opportunity offered. The University organises career fairs every month where you have corporate organisations and voluntary organisation come in to showcase job offers for students. Most students have had the opprotunity to get jobs and contribute positively to the society more or less keeping students out of trouble.If you looking to study and also work, Edge Hill University really is the place that provides such balance.

Its been more of a busy time at this point for me getting my dissertation started. Projects timeline shaped out for the whole semester with loads of work to do. The  weather this spring has been fantastic sets the right atmosphere for a new season here at Edge Hill.

In whatever you do,remember to work hard and play hard. Its the perfect balance!

Until soon



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