Term ends as clock moves forward this weekend.

Hi all,

Its been a journey through the new year up to this point at Edge Hill University and am sure we all need a break. Easter is just around the corner and the weather has been in almost perfect conditions as the clock springs forward this weekend. Fair enough in 3 weeks time, we will be back again with studying routines and building our blocks of life academically and for some, professionally.

I feel the 3 weeks will roll by quite fast. Seeing i have loads of coursework deadlines to meet and my research to begin with. I would be working on preparing a pilot questionnaire needed to gather primary data for my dissertation and interviewing my first set of respondents on the impact of social networking sites on user privacy in relation to information security. That will be up for some discussion another day and i really would like to tell you more about my research and perhaps read some comments for the first time since writing my blogs. I will need you to drop a line or two!

Edge Hill University has helped me discover my potentials and i see achivements in all goals i set before me. The grades have been coming from my modules and i must say, i am getting very good ones. Not just getting the grades are enough here, but having the satisfaction of qualitative education beyond my widest imagination. I don’t feel under  pressure despite the loads of coursework and tasks i have to do. I have never felt learning could be so comfortable until i got here. Edge Hill University has indeed given me that real opportunity to be a better individual and my learning abilities have improved tremendously.

I would like my mates to share their thoughts by posting their comments on my blog, perhaps you agree that despite the non roller coaster journey studying here, the impact has been effective. I really would like to know your views.

On a final note, i hope to get my work done just in time before term resumes so i could take a trip out of Merseyside. Its been 6 months now and how time flies! I rather go up north or down south the country, depends on the atmosphere this Easter and do some shopping as well. Most of my friends here will be away for the break and perhaps its an ideal time to meet new friends and share the joy of Easter with.

I will like to wish you all Happy Easter celebrations with love and passion from Jesus Christ. Don’t forget to set your clocks 1 hour forward this Sunday the 25th at 1:00 am!









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