My birthday at Edge Hill

Its been a while i celebrated my birthday in a learning environment and that was during my undergraduate days at Olabisi Onabanjo University in my home country Nigeria. This year was different. In a different school, thousands of kilometres from home.

I had been looking forward to the 8th of March, my birthday.It was on a Thursday and was glad it was not a busy day for me as i was excited to celebrate with the multicultural group of friends i had made during my short time here at Edge Hill University. The venue was at my cluster,Ash Hall in Forest Court. The party will be held in my kitchen which is big enough to have at least 20 people in it comfortably and a dinner table for 6 persons.

My day had started with loads of messages on my blackberry phone, Twitter followers and also Facebook friends, then it was followed by phone calls from my family and loved ones here in England and Nigeria. I really felt so loved and appreciated but little did i know there was more to come from my friends here at Edge Hill.

I had gone shopping in the morning of that fateful day, to get all that will be needed to have a very cool house party. All that was needed to eat and drink was ready and some of my friends turned up a bit earlier to help out making spicy pepper soup, chicken roast and ofcourse surprise me with adorable gifts.

The party started at exactly 7pm. My friends at Edge Hill from Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, China, India, United States of America and United Kingdom started coming in their numbers with gifts and drinks, it was packed full! The music was on and we all had a swell time. I felt so loved on this day and really they made it a day to remember as we partied and danced into the night. It was nice to see them dance to some Nigeria vibes too and it shows what studying in a muticultural University could bring irrespective of our background, we were one big happy family that evening.

Most of them were getting to know each other for the first time, others got to know each other better.I never wanted the party to end, but we were all exhausted and I was left with sweet reflections, hugs, kisses and memories of a wonderful celebration. One of the best i have had in recent years i must confess.

Just want to say a big thank you to all my friends here at Edge Hill. I love you all!




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