Success is a Science

Hi all,

I feel these past few weeks have been the busiest of my entire life! Lots of coursework and assignment deadlines to meet and i have simply  been glued to a library desk all week.Studying at Edge Hill University is not a walk in the park. If you must succeed here, you have to work hard and engage more on private studying. A Masters programme in Information Security and IT Management, which i am currently studying at the moment, requires a lot of hard work and determination.Something out of the ordinary to show your ability and understanding on the subject with modules in Computer Forensics, Research Methods and Project Management.

Well right now, i am preparing for a practical session in Computer Forensics for next week. I will be investigating a computer crime scenario setup at the University to gather computer based evidence that will be analysed at the crime lab and presented in a law court. Doing this will require a great deal of knowledge in computer forensic guidelines put into practice and existing UK laws on electronic investigations. A lot is at stake i must say.

On the other hand i feel over the months, i have been able to build my confidence and academic excellence through the problem based learning approach used by the tutors here at Edge Hill University. You will not be spoon fed, but will be given adequate guidelines  to do your research and show great understanding on the subject. You simply have to know it for yourself! This has really developed my reading interest and quest to explore beyond my initial capability.

Belief  in oneself, they say,is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture.Edge Hill University has helped bolster the belief in myself and after my study here, i am certain the sky is the limit in my professional career. I am constantly reminded the words of Abraham Lincoln “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other”. Therefore if i must succeed,I have to create a perfect balance between diligent study and recreation.

The weather has been warm all week. I hope it stays the same next weekend according to the weather man. It will be nice to spend time near the tides in Southport like i have always wanted. I will keep you all posted on my investigation outcome and perhaps my trip to the seaside.

Until then,remember success is a science;if you meet the conditions, you will get the results.










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