In love with this town!

Hi all!

Its been a while i wrote on my blog. I have been pretty busy with school work and deadlines to meet as my academic work has increased lately. Nonetheless,I still fancied a trip off to a town by the seaside i fell in love with as i arrived at this seaside town of Southport.

I had arrived to this beautifully planned town with lots of Victorian architecture about 35 minutes from Ormskirk by bus. I had an interview and was running late. Held up in the cold and light traffic due to a road construction and frequent stops by the driver picking up passengers on the way as the decked bus dragged along.I was getting discouraged and wondered if it will be a pretty journey on this cold, busy Wednesday morning or taking the train would have been much better. Little did I know what to expect as the bus manuevered across the farmlands from Ormskirk through the narrow road to Southport.

Once i alighted from the bus, I fell in love with it. A town by the Irish sea,windy with lots of trees, hotels and old Victorian buildings, i embraced it. The Scarisbrick hotel is a masterpiece and also the Hesketh park is a beauty. I have always loved being close to the sea and almost every week back home in Nigeria, i was close to the Atlantic and knowing there is a beach in Southport with loads of resorts…i am thrilled.

I have spoken to a few locals who told me about some lovely spots i should visit before i leave the town and why not? Southport zoo,Pleasureland amusement park will be a brilliant idea next month as there are loads of fun to look forward to during the Easter break but really the beach is where i would love the most. Close to the sea where i feel much peace especially during summer. I had wanted to take a trip round the city  after my appointment but it was impromptu, I did not have my camera and really had class to catch up with later in the day. Really, i did not feel like leaving , a cup of coffee was not that bad at the city centre just to feel the air and buy sometime before the bus takes me back to Ormskirk.

I will be back i said to myself and this time it will be to catch all the fun to unwind after a busy week at school. Not to forget telling you all about my next visit there and perhaps you should visit just before i write again.






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