The Digital Landscape for Student Recruitment in 2009

In March I’ll be chairing this event:

The Digital Landscape for Student Recruitment in 2009

Thursday 26th March 2009
9.30am-1.00pm (lunch included)
The Athenaeum, 116 Piccadilly, London W1

Interested? Then ponder these things in your heart: “Are you responsible for directing your institution’s student recruitment strategy? Are you looking to make the most of web 2.0 to boost your admissions?”

Have you answered yes? The next step is obvious: “join us in London for this FREE half-day seminar.”

Here’s what will happen if you do:

“Delegates will learn from HEIs and experts on the following topics:

* effective mobile campaigns;
* beyond the banner—examples on how to fully engage with potential students on UGC sites;
* tips on successful SEO;
* the latest 2009 research from The Student Room’s users (including the users’ insights on what sort of online campaigns work!); and
* a Q&A panel including representatives from HEIs, Blyk and The Student Room.”

No doubt you’re sold on it by now and will immediately want to ‘book online here‘.

I look forward to seeing you there.

It sounds great and I would probably have gone even if I wasn’t chairing it. I got quite excited about The Athenaeum as a venue – thinking it was the club in Pall Mall, and that I’d be rubbing shoulders with the shades of Ormskirk statue-man D’Israeli and other luminaries, as well as those of clubland heroes from the works of Sapper, Dornford Yates and John Buchan (assuming that fictional characters can have shades.) However this Athenaeum is a hotel in Piccadilly – which looks perfectly acceptable. (Update – it is in fact in the club – early information was misleading. I’m sure participants will get full instructions but do please niote it ISN’T in the hotel.)

A colleague Twittered that he looked forward to ‘seeing me in action’ – and I’m trying to think how action-packed my chairing can possibly be. Thinking back to my clubland fantasy, John Buchan’s Richard Hannay was certainly a man of action. Perhaps I should model my performance on his improvised political speech in The 39 Steps, depicted here (7’13” onwards).

I’ll buy a tweed suit with a hint of digital about it forthwith.