Salute to little plastic boxes (My favourite brands 3)

As I live in a small house, storage is important in preventing chaos and anarchy from overtaking my whole existence. So boxes are handy things to have and if they can be nice as well as functional then so much the better. A brand of plastic box has become an infinity of objects of desire and enthusiasm for me…

Really Useful Boxes


These puppies are great – they come in millions of sizes, have a nice clip action, some cool colours, fit inside each other, and seem indestructible (the advertising shows a car standing on them.) So they work – but then so do cheaper ones. But something about these makes my heart lift at the sight of them (only slightly; on scale of one to ten where ten is a new Douglas Coupland novel and one is a used teabag these would be a four; but nevertheless a definite jolt of excitiment.) I nearly cheered when their delivery lorry drove past. Am I insane? Arguably, but in terms of marketing I think the brand-appeal of these is a mixture of things:

they keep spawning new versions (“A box with little compartments for craft materials! What will they think of next!”)

the functionality makes it seem that they have invented all this stuff just to help me out.

A tip of the hat also to Lock & Lock food boxes -they’re leakproof, airtight and dishwasher safe. Again they come in loads of different shapes and sizes, to contain anything from a handful of spice to a gigantic banquet for the entire royal family.

Products like these promise a world of clean organisation – a world that makes sense, with everything in its place all the wild stuff of life… pasta, pencils, CDs… tamed and contained.

Like all fantasies, more fun to imagine than it would be to actually live in.