Folks may have seen the new-look website, new Prospectus, and maybe the new stands and literature used at careers fairs. This stuff is just the beginning of an integrated student recruitment campaign for 2009, which will eventually include promotional activities in the summer and autumn, and applicant communication leading up to enrolment. Significant increases in enquiry levels suggest our instincts and research have been right and that we’re developing work that expresses the desirable reality of Edge Hill in a compelling way.

We’ll be blogging more about the ethos of the campaign on an internal-only site – as revealing the dark secrets and inner workings could blast the minds of mere mortals, and we have to be mindful of health and safety… but I’ll just say that our approach to branding is a direction and style rather than a set of templates or a cheesy slogan. The work will evolve over the coming months, spawning fresh and interesting manifestations.

This could of course mean retirement for Jez, the animated character who has appeared in our TV commercials for the past three years. Hopefully axing the little chap won’t be too unpopular; it’s not as if we’re sacking the ducks…

Doing the (university) business

A while ago I was interviewed by University Business magazine, and the results appeared this month. It’s a nice piece, though it’s always odd to see one’s words in stark print. (Did I really call a prospectus a ‘paper brick’? Surely I said ‘medium’, not ‘median’.)

I like the picture, an avuncular version of myself about to be swallowed by a black hole…