Guardian’s Razor’s edge

Guardian blog posts by Dr Peter Wright, Edge Hill University’s Reader in Speculative Fictions, show up fairly regularly in my Google Reader. (The latest one concerns a movie in the new, critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica series, so I daren’t read it as I’ll want to watch it some day.)

I find Guardian blogs interesting – a sort of hybrid, presenting author’s personal opinions (just like regular, self-published blogs) but with the kudos of editorial acceptance by a trusted media brand. Interesting also how many-tentacled ‘newspapers’ are, beyond the physical paper – and how these evolving channels provide academics with new outlets for public dissemination.

I happen to know that Peter has submitted another one that dares to criticise a much loved National Treasure. If the Guardian dares to publish it, I predict not a riot but comments aplenty, followed by deportation or imprisonment in the Tower.