Slow news day

Being A-level results day, I bought a wheelbarrow full of newspapers on the way in to work shortly after dawn. A quick read through of these brought some heart-stopping moments as well as a bit of wry amusement. The Times published what it called a ‘Good University Guide’… this included a list of university profiles, which had been subbed down to 53 out of 113 institutions. The choice is pretty random but we were one of the omitted ones, though the online version isn’t too bad (unjustified table position notwithstanding.) Meanwhile in the Sun, we’re cited as having exceptionally cheap beer – not a bad thing as students do sometimes drink this beverage, and may wish to purchase it economically. (This article also makes Bishop Grosseteste College sound like a latter-day Playboy Mansion.) More locally, the Ormskirk Advertiser is moving into ‘Wired’ territory with its story about a Facebook fan group for the town’s famous roller-skating grandad. After all that, a BBC story about our campus expansion plans seemed like a return to media sanity.