About this blog

This is a personal blog giving my perspectives on the university where I work, and marketing (which is my job.) It’s a sort of experiment in writing – to see if it’s possible to write a blog that:
– conforms to the requirements of the genre
– is entertaining enough for me to want to write and some people to want to read
– is personal enough to be authentic whilst being work-related enough to justify doing on the Edge Hill site
– doesn’t make me sound like a corporate shill, pretend Californian teenager or simple babbling loon.
Let me know how I’m doing.

6 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Dear Mister Roy,
    I’m a TV producer making a film about art and design, and was wondering where you got those gorgeous photos of the Bic pen.
    I’d love to include them in our show as an illustration of iconic design.
    Thank you,
    Ouisie Shapiro
    Brooklyn, NY

  2. Hi Ouisie

    I found them by trawling through Flickr – unfortunately the links back from the images don’t go to pages which identify the originators, which is something I should fix really, as I didn’t intend to rip of the images – the creators deserve to be recognised! But in the sort term, gong to flickr.com and searching on bic/bic pen should find them, or even better ones! Good luck, -R

  3. Hi,
    I am a 27 years old chick, in love wth life, so I have many passions: going out with my friends,practice some sports (tennis), go our in the evening to a disco, so all the things that ladies like me do all the time. I also have a great love for cannabis . It’ a recent passion but very strong.I love to stay at my place and smoke a lot. I hope that one day we will party all together. What do you think about it?

  4. Tis a nice effort. It’s made me think about blogging myself which I don’t do (purely because I won’t!).

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