People who need people

Looking at my diary, I have booked to attend three seminars about online media marketing for HE over the next couple of months. I started thinking about a mildly satirical piece on this – how despite the Internet we’re still catching real trains, meeting in real function rooms, drinking real coffee. But then I thought – what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that how it should be?

Sure, online media and virtual environments mean it is possible to interact in ways that don’t involve a ‘fleshmeet’. There are new ways of doing things without meeting up, such socialising, learning, buying stuff – meaning fewer real-world encounters. But the new channels also create new ways for people to meet in reality – meaning additional real-world encounters. The forthcoming Twestivals around the globe – where Twitter users will attend events with music and various kinds of fun and frolic – are a great example. (There’s one in Liverpool if you fancy it.)

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  1. Talking about Twitter and Twestival – I love the fact that we can move the virtual connections to a ‘real life’ situation, and that the shared common interest of using a platform like Twitter almost cuts out the initial “what do I say?” moment, as it is likely that the attendees will have lurked, watched and engaged in conversations with fellow tweople (people on twitter!).

    Blatant plug coming up = Tickets are free for the Liverpool Twestival, and the line up is cracking, with 6ix Toys, The Lapis and Sparkwood & 21 playing live, and Andy Mac and Paul Nolan on decks. All monies raised goes to support Charity:Water.

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