Trying to Cover It Live

Last Saturday we used the Graduation Ceremony as an opportunity to try an experiment in live blogging, using an online tool called Cover It Live. You can see the results here.

CoverItLive has some neat features and is pretty easy to use. People with ‘Producer’ accounts get a simple editing window with the usual tools for formatting, links etc. There can be multiple ‘producers’ at one time. The audience can comment, and comments can be moderated. It can be set up to receive messages from Twitter therefore allowing posts to come in from any person/device using Twitter – I texted a few bits in to test this out. (Unfortunately we forgot to turn this off so some of my presumed-personal ones appeared this morning – nothing too psychotic or surreal luckily.)

The big disappointment from Saturday was that we couldn’t get the ‘media uploader’ to work, so adding pictures was very diufficult. As there isn’t a lot to say about a graduation, this was limiting – I think it would have been best as a photo-stream with a few comments, giving a less formal view on the event before/during/after. Next time maybe.

Live blogging could work well for all sorts of events. We only scratched the surface – video, audio, and polls could be used also. Given a bit of person-power a conference, for instance, could have a live blog.

Thanks to everyone who participated, specially ‘official blogger’ Tom.

Update: Experimenting later we have found that (for us) the media uploader function works in Firefox, but not IE.