Leadership in Development Management Day 2

Building fundraising teams is a challenge, especially in the UK where there is a dearth of ready-made talent waiting to be hired. So another day looking at leadership, this time in a broader organisational setting, has been useful. Change management emerged as strong theme. The (re)development of philanthropic culture in HE involves major cultural change, which takes place amidst many other changes in the sector and in society – so no wonder ‘tolerance of ambiguity’ was listed as a virtue to seek and cultivate in team members. As the day unfolded, key differences between UK and US employment practices became apparent – it seems that in America even public institutions have a more flexible approach to hiring and firing than we do. Language differences also cropped up now and again. I was familiar with the word ‘Faculty’ as the descriptor for academic staff rather than an organisational unit, but had not come across the usage of ‘staff’ as a verb, something you can do to a person, as in ‘how are we staffing the Vice-Chancellor’ – meaning not ‘providing the V-C with staff’, but ‘supporting the V-C in staff-like ways’.

1 thought on “Leadership in Development Management Day 2

  1. It’s all a sort of English, yet it’s a foreign country across the ‘pond’. I find this when I’m working with my coaching clients – even minor words can be a challenge.

    It becomes even more challenging when delivering ‘teleclass’ style teaching, sometimes across every continent on the same call.

    I’ve learnt to be very careful with idioms and acromyms too.

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