The Times Higher Education Supplement has a spiffy new look:


and has become a magazine. It has many plus points, including sharper, colour photography and clear typography and layout. However I think something has been lost in the translation – browsability. One of the nice things about traditional newspaper layouts is the way one’s eye roams the pages, finding stories by serendipity. In the new mag-like Higher (which surely won’t be referred to as ‘the’) most stories fill whole pages or spreads, so that one either reads a story or moves on. It doesn’t invite one to linger or follow links (existent or not) between the various articles and images.

There’s even an index on the back cover, enabling one to zero in on a mention of a particular institution without wasting eye-power on anything else along the way… that will save a few nanoseconds of the working day.

A business-like read.

(PS: I am not Jamie Targett.)

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  1. I only opened this blog because I thought it was going to be about the 80s band of the same name. Never mind…

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