Skaters seen from Lancs Hall


This excellent picture is part of the Geograph website, which collects images from grid squares across the UK. It and its neighbours can be found here – the caption reads ‘Edge Hill College pond skaters -Taken from hall of residence, Lancashire Hall, now demolished, in the severe winter of 1962/3’ and it was submitted by a ‘Chris Coleman’ – obviously taking an interest in Edge Hill students at a very early age!

Guardian’s Razor’s edge

Guardian blog posts by Dr Peter Wright, Edge Hill University’s Reader in Speculative Fictions, show up fairly regularly in my Google Reader. (The latest one concerns a movie in the new, critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica series, so I daren’t read it as I’ll want to watch it some day.)

I find Guardian blogs interesting – a sort of hybrid, presenting author’s personal opinions (just like regular, self-published blogs) but with the kudos of editorial acceptance by a trusted media brand. Interesting also how many-tentacled ‘newspapers’ are, beyond the physical paper – and how these evolving channels provide academics with new outlets for public dissemination.

I happen to know that Peter has submitted another one that dares to criticise a much loved National Treasure. If the Guardian dares to publish it, I predict not a riot but comments aplenty, followed by deportation or imprisonment in the Tower.

Bic revisited

I wrote a while ago about my fondness for Bic pens. These iconic items are now available from Amazon, which has inspired a huge number of reviews (and an even larger number of comments) – well worth a read by anyone who likes to write things on paper and needs supporting technical information.

You may even get some Christmas gift ideas…