The Green Marketing Manifesto


Having blagged a free copy of John Grant‘s new book, the least I can do is write something about it – so here goes.

Described as ‘a roadmap on how to organize green marketing effectively and sustainably’, it is much more than a manual for cosmetic ‘green’ branding and tokenistic CSR exercises (the kind of thing John refers to as ‘greenwashing’.) Rather, it is a fireworks-box of ideas, offering a structured and practical approach. In other words, it’s the kind of book which leaves you thinking ‘hey, we could actually do some of this stuff’ with some grounded, practical concepts for making strategic decisions.
Crucially, being a manifesto, the text gives the ‘huge challenge’ of promoting ‘new lifestyle ideas…to mitigate the effects of climate change’ some emotional fuel – but without doomsaying or hectoring. It left me strongly agreeing that the marketing discipline has a major role to play in making significantly more sustainable lifestyles appealing and mainstream.

The recommended strategic approach is a ‘blending of three agendas; sustainability, Web 2.0 and New Marketing’, the latter being the bundle of trends and possibilities for alternatives to traditional advertising explored in John’s previous work. This makes for a compelling blend – I’d say the book could be enjoyed and used from any of the three perspectives.

Although marketing should not be just about image – I’d have to say this book packages itself very nicely, covered in yard-thick cardboard with bits in, and produced using environmentally-friendly printing processes including vegetable inks (something we’re moving to at Edge Hill University.)

Having read the artifact and basked in its glow of freebieness, what should I do with it now? ‘Reuse’ is one aspect of sustainability, so I reckon I’ll pass it on to that superbly effective centre for facilitating reuse and recycling of thoughts – an academic library.

You can buy the book from your eco-friendly supplier of choice, using its pheromone spoor-trace ISBN13: 9780470723241, and/or read the accompanying Greenormal blog