Book Club blues

Just had a nice letter from some VIth-formers at a College in the region. They have formed a book club and aim to ‘improve language skills, analytical, critical and debating skills’ by reading books such as ‘Not Without My Sisters’ and ‘A Clockwork Orange’. They’re asking for sponsorship to the tune of £70, in return for which we’d get some visibility at the College and even the opportunity to ‘join in a Book Club meeting!’

It’s great to hear of people actually wanting to read (in a week when I heard the sad tale of a student missing a seminar as they hadn’t managed to read two books (!) in a week (!!) by those impenetrable heavyweights, Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler.) £70 isn’t a great deal of money, but as a university is a charity running on earmarked public funds such things aren’t really possible. Technically it might be illegal (perhaps not on an Enron scale…) and vast numbers of similar requests would be hard to handle.

But it just seems sad to let it go. I may bung them a derisory amount myself. Other than that, any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Book Club blues

  1. Access to our library (postal loans) service? Discounted (or free!) tickets to Shortcuts if/when related films are screen (with discussion/debate) afterwards?

    Expert speakers would be great though. Getting our staff/students involved would be excellent.

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