As I was saying in my other blog…

I’ve noticed that this blog has a link from the new Edge Hill staff portal, which is flattering. I can’t help thinking that many other blogs deserve attention – CLTR Nexus, Cakes, the cryptically-named Web Services… but if people are coming my way, welcome!

This is my personal/work blog, which I see as a bit like conference presentations I give in an individual capacity, i.e. it’s my own ideas rather than a serious overview of the work of the department. As this is my own linguistic turf it’s unashamedly idiosyncratic – if I want to write about plastic boxes, or trail off every sentence with ellipses, I will… and for anything really random, there’s my non-marketing personal blog.

People sometimes ask, ‘Why call it Mister Roy?’ Well… it’s my name… but apart from that, one of my fellow Directors initiated it as a nickname a few years ago, probably based on the human accomplice of Basil Brush from the 1970s… The same Director remains oddly amused that I once attended a meeting in her office wearing half of a pantomime horse costume.)

Original Mister Roy

As a more serious marketing discussion may be useful sometimes, we’ve launched an internal Corporate Marketing blog. We’re also using blogging to communicate with, rather than about, our markets: Spark is us talking to them; the various Hi blogs are them talking to each other. A news blog is under consideration, but we need to be sure that we’re not just re-presenting press releases as blog posts: if we can find the right voice with which to talk about news and events in this medium, then yet another blog may appear.

All we need now is a sort of meta-blog to keep track of them all…

Wearing my special blogging costume