Emperor Ning

Having heard it described at the CASE Europe Conference as the ‘rule changer’, ie a next big thing in social networking, I thought I’d give Ning a try. Offering the opportunity to ‘Create Your Own Social Network for Anything’, it lets you set up a website with features such as forum, blogs, photos, groups and more all in a few minutes. It’s also a platform for developers to create their own features. It can accept feeds, links to Flickr, probably makes tea. The network you set up doesn’t have to have Ning branding on it, and ads can be removed for a small sub. Basically it’s really easy to set up lots of things very quickly.

My initial view is that this would be a good tool to service groups with an existing connection, eg clubs, students on a course, niche interests. But who knows – people will customise it to do whatever they fancy. Or ignore it. We’ll see.

Just in case it turns out to be useful, I’ve blagged edgehill.ning.com to stop it going to one of the other Edge Hills, or (say) a student drinking club…

Come and see what its like to join an existing Ning network and discuss Ning (or anything else) at misterroy.ning.com

Or just go to www.ning.com and start your own…

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