More ‘other Edge Hills’

A while ago I posted about other Edge Hills that exist out in cyberspace (and, who knows, in the real world as well.) Now that I have RSS feeds, tag trackers, Google alerts and g*d knows what else sucking in every mention of Edge Hill that occurs in the world in any medium (web pages, blogs, news, the distant dreams of babies) I’m finding a lot more if these.

How does an Edge Hill that offers ‘a multipurpose community gathering place, offering coffee, soups and sandwiches; wireless internet and computer rental; and eclectic live music several nights a week’ sound? That could describe us if you sprinkled some higher education into the mix. These keen semicolon-users are Edgehill Studios Cafe in Nashville – pack your slide guitar and get over there. And if you don’t fancy their bill of entertainment, you can always try the Tank Arts Centre in Queensland’s Edge Hill district.

Closer to home, in fact very close indeed to the original location of the institution, there was an an Edge Hill International Festival – at the Liverpool train station. The plans to create a ‘contemporary arts centre’ there sound exciting.

Perhaps most exciting of all, is a whole city of Edge Hillness – in Georgia, at 33.152N -82.624W to be precise – ‘Georgia’s smallest city’, surely an opportunity for some kind of twinning arrangement. Meet the mayor

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