9 thoughts on “Open Day

  1. Jute bags are on their way thanks to the trendy folks in Learning Resources. No heliotrope but nice designs… If we can turn them into a cult then so much the better.

  2. No credit to me, the LRC folks dreamed this one up. There are discussions with Blackwells also re non-plastic bags to go with the new book-retailing operation…

  3. Again it’s the LRC, not me, who should take any credit. Last year they launched ‘books on demand’, whereby students could buy books and pay for them using thie UniCard. Apparently this was very popular. This year Blackwells will deliver this service, which will comprise
    – a website offering any Blackwells stock at a discount, delivered to students’ homes or the LRC
    – the option to pay using the UniCard (though this will involve visiting the LRC to swipe said card, at least for the first outing)
    – a physical Blackwells stall in the LRC for the early weeks of the first term, stocking set books from the biggest modules and taking orders etc. as above
    – links from tutor’s booklists (on the library catalogue) to the purchasing options via Blackwells
    This sounds good to me. Blackwells academic focus, purchasing pwer and nearby stores should mean that reading list material can be acquired pronto.

  4. Sounds good to me too – a pity the LRC haven’t said anything about it to the department that uses the most books. I now see that there was an email about a competition on August 20th, which I ignored, thinking it was one of those irritiating emails you get offering you a prize for telling publishers what books you’ve set. I’ll stop my negotiations with Ormskirk Waterstone’s for an induction week bookstall,then, shall I?

  5. non-plastic bags ie Jute Bags huge range there. I’m trying to convince my uni to sell them at the SU shop. Some of them are quite funky, I think they are much better than plastic.

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