“It’s as true for you as it is for me…isn’t it?”

Time changes as one moves through it. A recent post in the applicants’ forum described the movie ‘Jack and Sarah’ as an ‘old classic’. To me it is recent (and mediocre). Einstein was right – time is relative based on your position.

Brief Encounter on the other hand does seem to me to be both old and classic. There has been a buzz about this film since the start of the Short Cuts season, resulting in a decent audience last night. The fact that a lot of people wanted to see such an established, often-televised film on a big screen suggest that it is indeed a ‘classic’.

I enjoyed seeing it again – I’d forgotten how witty a lot of it is, how studded with potent language – like Celia Johnson’s character describing Donald Duck in terms of “his dreadful energy and his blind frustrated rages.”

Jenni Woodward gave a great intro at the start, though I don’t quite agree that the pipe-smoking husband is ultimately just dull. He shows a lot of empathy and emotional maturity – he just finishes his Times crossword before he gets around to showing it.