‘a shimmer in the sails’

Seeing June Tabor in the Rose Theatre was like seeing a goddess manifest in familiar surroundings – Kali in the Terrace Cafe. JT is one of the few artistes for whom I have unreserved, irrational fannish adulation. I remember back in the 80s when she had reputedly retired from music to run a restaurant, speculating with my friend Antony how brilliant it would be to stumble across said restaurant, and just be in her presence

Anyway, last night the venue was quite full so we sat about halfway back. I was glad – didn’t want to be too close, in case the ‘stress of her regard’ melted the very flesh from my bones.

And it was a nice gig. The venue was right, the new songs spellbinding, the audience captivated, Andy Cutting and Mark Emerson provided accompaniment sometimes sparse, sometimes generous. The audience contained both colleagues and friends.
Afterwards got a signed copy of the new CD, ‘Apples’, a title beginning with A like most of her catalogue. (Pehaps her restaurant had a menu entirely consisting of A-themed dishes ? Anything you like, as long as it begins with A – anchovy ice cream and asparagus wine… )

On the human plane of the CD table she was very friendly, and had clearly enjoyed playing at the Rose. Hopefully its reputation as a good venue for audience and performers both will spread.

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  1. Glad to hear it went well – I’d have loved to have gone, especially as Ormskirk seems about the farthest north she’s going on this tour, but I had another commitment.
    It seems to me she fits very well into that “English chanson” category.

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