How was it for you?

I’ve been writing this blog for a while now, and have maintained reasonable regularity. So what have I learned? I said at the outset that this was a writing experiment, ‘to see if it’s possible to write a blog that:
– conforms to the requirements of the genre
– is entertaining enough for me to want to write and some people to want to read
– is personal enough to be authentic whilst being work-related enough to justify doing on the Edge Hill site
– doesn’t make me sound like a corporate shill, pretend Californian teenager or simple babbling loon.’

Some of these objectives are easier then others. I found the serious post on ‘students as customers’ interesting – it feels wrong to have too much banter in the comments, even when I know the commenters. Maybe a blog isn’t ideal for a work-related debate. My personal style may be an obstacle to serious intent: the non-sequiturs, in-jokes, overstatement for comic/poetic effect, overlong lists and trailling ellipsis…
What with this and my occasional interjections on the UCAS applicant site, I’ve been online at a lot of odd times. I actually dreamed about blogging recently…

In the dream, I am writing a blog post, describing a non-existent film as if it is real, in a deadpan way as a sort of joke. The non-existent film I describe is black and white, from the 40s or 50s, lots of English hedgerows and lanes. It is the only instance of Leslie Phillips playing a working class character: he is a rural postman. His boss is angry with him for having an affair with his wife, so each day he gives the Phillips character a longer route and heavier bag. So the film is about the postman, cycling on ever longer and more complicated routes, his bag always expanding, trying to maintain liaisons with several women.

2 thoughts on “How was it for you?

  1. Ah, the old Leslie Phillips as postman dream…What was it Freud said about that? Sometimes a long envelope is just a long envelope?

  2. Sounds about right – then was it Jung who pointed out that in the new Royal Mail pricing scheme, long envelopes can be more expensive to post?

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